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I studied at ITCF Hotel School in Spa - Belgium where I learned a variety of hospitality skills, including: cooking, chocolate work, oenology, reception, management, accounting.

After 7 years studying there, I realized I had a passion and skills to become an exceptional chef. During all of the Hotel School period, I worked as “extra” every weekend and holidays in various Fine Dining and Michelin Star restaurants (La Bergerie - 2 Michelin Star, le Vivier d’Oie - 1 Michelin Star, Le Chene Madame - 1 Michelin star).  

In the end of the last year -in European Cuisine program- I did an internship of 3 months in Rome, where I discover the beautiful Italian Cuisine.

I have been graduated in 2005 with two awards: the “City of Spa” award and the “Student of the Year” award.

Upon graduation, I began my career and have worked at some of Michelin Star restaurants in Belgium and Italy; including Restaurant Le Barbizon (1 Michelin star), Castello Banfi (1 Michelin star), Restaurant La Frairie (1 Michelin star), Locanda Martinelli (ex-Private Chef of Queen Rania of Jordan), Patisserie Dumont as pastry chef and Macelleria Fracassi as butcher (one of the best Italian butcher).

Then, a few experiences as Head Chef in Italy, England and Belgium.

My experience in the restaurants taught me leadership, how to work under pressure and most importantly a variety of techniques; including:  modern cooking, low temperature cooking, Mediterranean cuisine, French and Italian cuisine.  I also gained a full understanding of food preparation, pace, hygiene, different diets and food allergens.  In addition, the knowledge of the importance of using the finest quality produce and ingredients.

In July 2016, I started my professional objective; becoming a Private Chef, working for international families with travels and experiences on Yacht (4 seasons on board of a 30m M/Y, where I learned to work in a very small galley and to manage the reality of living and working with a yacht crew in a confined space).

I really enjoy working as Private Chef, it give me the opportunity to focus on what my clients prefer to eat and offering the best of every single experiences I made.

I describe my style as Intuitive/Creative Healthy Cuisine with an important Italian twist, being able to make everything from scratch.  I can also prepare international dishes as sushi, Moroccan Couscous, Thai curries, … My pastry and low temperature cooking skills are excellent too.

Being a curious person, I'm always interested to learn new recipes to satisfy my clients.

I focus on creating a balanced diet and always using the finest and healthiest ingredients, keeping the kitchen immaculate and caring of ovens, fridges, freezers, work surfaces and kitchen equipment.

I also own some specific equipment which I’m happy to use at work to give the best level of food, including: vacuum machine, professional fresh pasta machine, smoker, Kenwood mixer and immersion circulator.

I'm very motivated, flexible, serious, loyal, professional, creative, interpersonal, honest, friendly and open minded.

I’m a lovely young and driven chef with a passion to work in private services; I also offer an easy temperament with exceptional organisational skills and adaptation in any situation.

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